Note: this is all about SilverStripe 2.4

This dates back to the times the official SilverStripe docs were somewhat lacking. Which no longer is the case. Check out the following links:

SilverStripe documentation
Silverstripe (video)lessons

Again: this site is or will soon become totally obsolete!


This log is all about things I figured out while working with SilverStripe CMS, and that I don't want to forget. You're very welcome to it, just don't take anything for granted - there are always better solutions. I'm open to any suggestions to make things better, stronger, faster...

I've been fighting a losing battle against a spambot, or someone who poses as one, so I set the comments to login only for now. MathSpamProtection is definitely no match for this, so maybe I'll have a go at Mollom or Recaptcha. Even if you're absolutely human, Recaptcha often takes a lot of time :-) Thanks to Mark, for pointing this out. Btw: the contact form is still available.