This log is all about things I figured out while working with SilverStripe CMS, and that I don't want to forget. You're very welcome to it, just don't take anything for granted - there are always better solutions. I'm open to any suggestions to make things better, stronger, faster...

I've been fighting a losing battle against a spambot, or someone who poses as one, so I set the comments to login only for now. MathSpamProtection is definitely no match for this, so maybe I'll have a go at Mollom or Recaptcha. Even if you're absolutely human, Recaptcha often takes a lot of time :-) Thanks to Mark, for pointing this out. Btw: the contact form is still available.


  • Task to reset the partial cache

    A simple SilverStripe task that will reset the partial cache by removing the cachefiles. Optionally it will also remove the cache directory itself. This might be of some use on hosting platforms where the user has insufficient rights to remove files owned by the webserver, It simply lets the webserver do the work. Read more...